Valley Quilt Guild

Marysville – Yuba City est.1982

The Valley Quilt Guild has a membership with a multitude of skills. Our goal is to have fun, learn new things, help our community with community service, and quilt, quilt, quilt!


The Valley Quilt Guild Library is available to all members. It is located in the ‘Friday Nite Live’ building in Marysville, opposite the Marysville post office on the 3rd floor and has a sign on the door. You will need a key, which can be checked out during working hours in the FNL office (located just inside after you either take the elevator, or go up the outside stairs to the first floor). Inside, you will find lots of stuff. There are tables to help you baste quilts on, over 800 books, videos and pattern/stencils that you can check out. Please make sure that you do! Normal check out is for a month.

To view a list of books by Author in the library, click HERE

To view the list of books by Title, click HERE

Library volunteers go to each guild meeting and have some books available for checkout… or check in. They also have raffle items such as quilting books and notions. The money raised from the raffles goes into purchasing new books for the library, and for new raffle items. Raffle tickets may be purchased between 6 and 7pm at the guild general meetings with the raffle drawing held during the meeting.

Current library chairmen are Carolyn McCray, Wanda Horn, and Cari Jimison

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If you are interested in bringing your Opportunity Quilt to one of our meetings please contact Terry Nugent to schedule a visit.


Terry Sparks Nugent

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Valley Quilt Guild
P.O. Box 1463
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