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The Valley Quilt Guild has a membership with a multitude of skills. Our goal is to have fun, learn new things, help our community with community service, and quilt, quilt, quilt!

2020 Opportunity Quilt “Journeys”

2020 Opportunity Quilt


There are lots of journeys in life … or you might just see life as one big journey.  Our quilt show chairperson chose “Journeys – not all who wander are lost” for the theme for our 2020 quilt show on March 14 & 15.  The design for the opportunity quilt was itself a bit of a journey.  It started with a pattern called “Cascade” that was shown at the Sisters, Oregon quilt show.  The Mountain Piecemakers Quilt Guild of Western North Carolina adapted that pattern to make their own version for their 2019 Opportunity Quilt.  It was adapted again this year to become “Journeys”.

A mariner’s compass was drafted and added to the design by Colleen Pelfrey.  The quilt was paper pieced by Colleen Pelfrey, hand appliqued by Kathy O’Donnell, quilted by Cathy Evans, and the final hand stitching on the binding was done by Eileen Milligan.  The quilt is 65” x 70”.

Part of our journey runs through the Valley Quilt Guild, and all the things our guild does to give back to our community.  We hope you get a chance to come to our show, and let us share a bit of our journey with you.


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